There are a lot of good portable speakers out there, but most come with just Bluetooth and AUX input options. The JBL Link 300 is a Bluetooth speaker that also has Google Assistant and Cast support, making it a Google Home of sorts. JBL is currently selling the certified refurbished Link 300 for $80 on its website — that's $45 less than a new speaker at Best Buy and $170 off the $250 MSRP.

The Link 300 can fill a room with its dual 25W speakers, and can be connected to via Bluetooth 4.2, or WiFi using the Cast functionality, through which it supports multi-room/grouped playback and 24 bit/96kHz audio. There doesn't seem to be an AUX jack though, and the speaker has to be plugged in at all times — but given its 3.7 lb weight, you'll be unlikely to take it anywhere.

Rita got a chance to use this speaker — you can read about her experience here. You can also check out detailed specs of the speaker in this PDF by JBL. It comes in black and white color options, but only the former is in stock.