Android Q is full of new features and major changes, but there are also plenty of minor tweaks that most people probably wouldn't notice — ranging from much-appreciated changes to possible bugs. We already covered all the little changes in Android Q Beta 1, but Beta 2 has even more of them.

Battery icon

There are two noticeable changes to the battery icon on Android Q Beta 2. First, there is now a white border around the icon, making the battery level a bit more clear. Second, enabling Battery Saver mode no longer turns the icon orange.

Left: Normal icon; Right: Battery Saver icon

Now that the navigation and status bars also don't turn orange (which was part of Android 9 Pie), the only indication that you are in Battery Saver mode is the plus (+) icon in the battery icon and the dark system theme that automatically turns on.

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  • Armando

Profile picture in Settings

The Settings app now displays your Google account photo in the top-right. Tapping on it opens a new panel with access to your account settings, device information, emergency info, and payment methods.

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  • Nick

Audio balance settings

While we're on the topic of the Settings app, there's a new slider for audio balance in the Accessibility section. This has existed on Samsung and LG's flavors of Android for years, but now it's in stock Android.

Big icons in recent apps list

On older versions of Android, the list of recently-opened applications in the Settings app is displayed as a simple list. On Android Q Beta 2, the list has been replaced with three large icons.

Left: Android 8.1 Oreo; Right: Android Q

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  • Henny

Android version info

This is really getting into the weeds, but when you tap 'Android version' in the 'About phone' section of the Settings, the information is now a full-screen page instead of contained in a popup. With all the data that page contains, the change makes sense.

Left: Android Q Beta 1; Right: Android Q Beta 2

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Media playback on Ambient Display

When playing music, the Ambient Display now only displays one icon for the app playing music. Previously, an additional icon would appear below the song information, with all other notification icons.

There you have it — all of the smaller changes we noticed in Android Q Beta 2. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our list of small Beta 1 tweaks, as well as our roundup of every new Android Q feature.