Music is one of the most popular uses of smart speakers, and owners are getting more free options. Yesterday, a limited, free version of YouTube Music came to Google Home speakers, and now, Amazon is following suit with a free Amazon Music playlists and stations for Alexa devices.

According to a blog post, US users "who do not yet have a Prime membership or a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited" (yet, Amazon says) can now listen to select playlists and stations for free. Of course, ads will be interspersed throughout the tracks, like in the free tiers of other music services like Spotify and Pandora.

You can ask for stations based on music genres or specific artists, as well as some playlists (Amazon lists "Pop Culture," "Fuego Latino," and "Country Heat" as examples). Amazon Music's free playlists and stations are available now on Echo speakers and other compatible Alexa-enabled gadgets.