Someone needs to go buy a green-frosted cake because we're about to celebrate this momentous occasion for Spotify. The app just passed the cap of 500 million "downloads" or "installs" on Android, depending on whether you want to take into account the Play Store's app or web wording choice, respectively.

In its latest quarterly report, Spotify said it had 207 million monthly active users, so the 500 million number is, as we've all always expected, inflated by people who are no longer using the app, or possibly due to the way Google calculates downloads/installs.

Regardless, this is an interesting number in and of itself, as Spotify is the first non-preloaded (i.e. non-Play Music) on-demand music streaming app to pass the 500 million cap on the Play Store. Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, JioSaavn, and Gaana are all still in the 100-500 million bracket, whereas Tidal, Apple Music, and Anghami have yet to graduate from the 10-50 million range.

That gives us a little insight into which music services are the most popular among Android users, and tells us that even though we spend a lot of time complaining about Spotify's interface, it's forging ahead, unfazed.