Flash storage prices are a constant race to the bottom, but I still find myself amazed at some deals, like today's sale on the 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card. At a price of just $25, or 12.50¢/GB, this marks a new low for the SanDisk Ultra lineup, with all the other cards in this category being priced between 15 and 20¢/GB.

This is a Class 10 card of the UHS-1 spec, with an A1 rating for faster app performance. SanDisk promises read speeds of "up to 100MB/s," rating it for 1080p video recording and playback. Keeping that in mind, if you have a drone, dashcam, or action cam that records in 4K, SanDisk's Extreme lineup will be more up your alley, with higher guaranteed read and write speeds.

Another noteworthy deal is the 256GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card, coming in at $38, or 14.80¢/GB.