Gboard already supports hundreds of languages and dialects, but that's not stopping the team behind it from adopting more. Since announcing that the app had more 500 inputs back in December, developers have added at least 100 more. And now, we know of another 63 that have just been codified into Google's official rolls, bringing the total to 748.

The new inputs are part of the latest changelog, which also includes a mention of the in-app clipboard manager which we've seen in months of limited testing. Perhaps this means that the nifty tool is finally here to stay, but it has been prone to disappearing time and again — we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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• 60+ language varieties, including: Alsatian, Ambonese, Balti, Cape Verdean Creole, Duri, Ghanaian Pidgin, Hawu, IPA, Jula, Kambaata, Kankanaey, Kui, Lama, Lepcha, Makassar Malay, Melanau, Moba, Muna, Nauruan, Pa’O Karen, Pamona, Réunion Creole, Sgaw
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Some of the new inputs were first spotted in our Gboard APK Teardowns over the past couple of months through versions 8.0 and 8.1. The 63 methods to be published are as follows:

  • Achomi
  • Akoose
  • Alsatian
  • Ambonese Malay
  • Assyrian (Syria)
  • Balkan Gagauz Turkish
  • Balti
  • Batak Simalungun*
  • Buginese (Lontara)*
  • Cape Verdean Creole*
  • Chokwe (DRC)
  • Classical Syriac
  • Dazaga
  • Duri
  • Ghanaian Pidgin
  • Hawu
  • Indus Kohistani
  • International Phonetic Alphabet*
  • Itawit
  • Jula*
  • Kambaata (Ge'ez)
  • Kambaata (Latin)
  • Kankanaey
  • Kui
  • Ladino (Israel)
  • Lama
  • Lepcha*
  • Limbu*
  • Makassar Malay
  • Mamasa
  • Mehri
  • Melanau
  • Moba
  • Mongondow
  • Muna
  • Mundang*
  • Mundari (Latin)
  • Mundari (Odia)
  • Nauruan*
  • Ntcham
  • Osage*
  • Pa'O Karen*
  • Pamona
  • Parkari Koli
  • Plateau Malagasy
  • Réunion Creole
  • Sebat Bet Gurage
  • Sgaw Karen
  • South Bolivian Quechua*
  • Sukuma
  • Supyire
  • Sylheti (Syloti Nagri)
  • Tai Dam (Tai Viet)*
  • Tai Lue (New Tai Lue)
  • Tay
  • Toraja-Sa'dan
  • Vai*
  • Vasavi (Gujarati)
  • Wanetsi
  • Western Kayah (Kayah Li)
  • Xong
  • Yao
  • Yiddish (Israel)

*These languages do not have a dictionary.

Limbu was added in January but now shows up as a duplicate, albeit now marked as having no dictionary. Why this situation exists, we can't say.

If you're curious about any of these new inputs, you can visit APK Mirror, sign up for the Gboard beta, or visit the Play Store below to get updated.

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Gboard - the Google Keyboard
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