No self-respecting Android fan's workspace is complete without a Bugdroid mini or two (or three, or eleven), so we're always on the lookout to grow our collection with the latest collectible from Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra. Today Bell revealed the next mini to join the DZ lineup, announcing the limited-edition French chef.

Previously only available to actual Googlers, Dead Zebra is finally making this mustachioed mini available to the general public, though with what Bell warns is a very limited production run. Just how many figures will be available, we can't yet say, but if this one strikes your fancy you're not going to want to wait too long and miss your shot.

It feels like all the new DZ minis in recent memory have either been holiday or anniversary-themed, so it's a little refreshing to get back into "normal" mini territory. The chef comes complete with a tiny knife and spoon, as well as a removable hat. You say "choking hazard," we say "let us enjoy our toys."

Sales of the French chef mini open on Tuesday, April 23, and while pricing hasn't been announced just yet, we're probably looking at something very close to $12.

Within hours of sales opening, Dead Zebra is already sold out of the limited-edition (we guess they weren't kidding) French Chef Android mini. Better luck next time!