In a sea of poorly-built Chromebooks with low-quality screens, Lenovo's C330 is a surprisingly good machine. We reviewed it last year and gave it our 'Most Wanted' award, and now you can get it for just $249.99 from Newegg and Amazon $50 off the original price.

The C330 is equipped with a MediaTek MTK8173C quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of storage (the sale model is 64GB), and a 45Wh battery. While the screen is somewhat low-resolution, at 1366x768, the decent IPS panel still makes it stand out from most Chromebooks in this same price range. You can see our full review here.

This model has been cheaper at least once before, as it was $220 at multiple retailers earlier this year, but $250 is still a good price. You can grab it from the links below.