With the Galaxy S10, Samsung aimed at designing a handset with a screen covering almost the entire front surface. While the final product is very close to achieving this goal, engineers had to get rid of superfluous elements to make the cutout as small as possible. As such, the LED indicator has been removed to make room for extra pixels, leaving many users frustrated and without a way to easily know they have notifications to look at. Sure, Always On Display can help alleviate this, but it's not as easy to see as a flashing light from afar.

We recently told you about Holey Light, a third-party app that puts an animated circle around the S10's cutout when you receive notifications. Well, Samsung has worked on building this functionality itself, thanks to an update to the EdgeLighting+ plugin.

The latter is part of Good Lock, the manufacturer's app that lets you customize your phone's interface and features. Downloading the plugin adds an Eclipse option to the Edge Lighting settings, which will make the screen cutout glow when a notification comes in, instead of the entire panel's edges. Unfortunately, when the display is off, the feature only works with stock Samsung Apps, and therefore doesn't fully replace an actual LED. Also, because Edge Lighting changes the stock notifications, incoming ones will now appear in a much smaller bubble at the top of the screen, which I personally don't like.

If you want to try it out, you can get Good Lock and its EdgeLighting+ plugin form the Galaxy Store, or download them from APK Mirror (Good Lock, EdgeLighting+). You'll first need to activate Edge Lighting in your phone's settings, under Display -> Edge screen.

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  • Zachary Kew-Denniss