The Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of the best options in the true wireless earbuds space right now — read my review if you want to know why — but one complaint some users have is a lack of touch control options. An update is arriving via the Galaxy Wearable app right now that adds one new ability, although it's not the completely separate volume control that some may be hoping for.

You still have to pick just one long press function for each earbud, but there's now an extra option to choose from. Before, you could set it to 'Quick ambient Sound' and that would lower the music volume and add pass through sound from the mics, good if you nipped into a shop to pick something up and needed to hear the outside world for a brief moment. You now also get the option to toggle the full background ambient sound setting on or off with a long press.

That's not all that comes with this new update (1.36MB), the full changelog for which you can see in the middle screenshot above. In news that might not excite anybody, you can now control your Galaxy Buds with Bixby (if your language is set to Korean or US English). You get to turn ambient sound on or off, ask for the battery level, change the equalizer setting, and lock the touchpad, and all you have to do is talk to Bixby — that won't be embarrassing at all. A bug causing duplicate call end sounds has also been fixed, apparently.