The Google Home Hub has dropped in price steadily over the past few months, but discounts are usually short-lived. Now you can get Google's smart display for just $76, thanks to Rakuten's site-wide sale. That's $73 lower than the original price, and one of the best sales we've seen yet.

If you're completely unfamiliar with the Home Hub, it's a mix of an always-on tablet and a smart speaker. It can answer questions, play news briefings, stream music from services like Spotify and YouTube Music, and control smart home devices. The Home Hub doubles as a Chromecast target, so you can watch YouTube videos, Netflix shows, and more on the 7-inch screen. Check out our full review here for more details.

You can buy the Home Hub from Rakuten at the link below, and make sure to enter code SAVE15 at checkout to get the full discount. The coupon code expires at midnight Pacific Time on April 9th, and a free Rakuten account is required.

The Home Hub is on steep discount at Rakuten again. You can pick up Google's smart display for $74.99 ($88.22 with a $13.23 discount). You need a free Rakuten account and the coupon code ALT13. That's it. Just act before midnight tonight (4/17).