No matter if your default video device is an Android TV box or a Chromecast, you can say "Play Star Trek on CBS All Access" or "Play Android Police on YouTube" to a Google Home speaker, and the content will start playing on the streaming device. However, this functionality has been broken for many Android TV users for nearly a month, and Google hasn't stated when a fix will be available.

The problem started when a security vulnerability was discovered in Google Photos, where select Android TV-based televisions started adding other Google accounts as linked Google Photos users. Google implemented a temporary fix by removing the ability for Google Assistant to cast content (including photos) to Android TV.

Unfortunately, Google has yet to re-enable Casting from Google Assistant to Android TV. The Nvidia Shield forums, social media, and our comment sections are filled with reports from frustrated users.

It's important to note that casting from a smartphone, tablet, or computer still works only voice commands like "Play Android Police on YouTube" from external smart speakers are non-functional. Google said on Twitter that it is "working on a fix," but no ETA is available:

Google was right to immediately disable the feature causing a security vulnerability, but it's annoying to see the feature still broken after nearly a month. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

We've received a few tips from readers (thanks Lizard and Christian!) that Casting from a Google Home is working again.

Last we checked in with you, it sure appeared that Google was well on its way to setting things right, and users were already reporting that they'd seen functionality restored. Now Google's finally confirming the news:

We appreciate the patience of our user community as we continue to investigate the bug. We have re-enabled the ability to remotely cast via the Google Assistant and view photos from Google Photos for unaffected Android TV devices. To protect user privacy until a permanent resolution is identified, these abilities as well as additional voice functionalities will remain disabled for impacted Android TV devices.

So while not everything's fully operational again, progress is very much underway.

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