We'd like a moment of silence for our fallen friend, the oft-discounted, Assistant-equipped Insignia Voice smart speaker. It was officially discontinued sometime around the turn of April, and it's no longer offered by Best Buy, which owns Insignia.

There were two models of the Insignia Voice - "Smart Speaker" and "Smart Portable Speaker," priced at $100 and $150, respectively. Of course, we're pretty sure nobody ever paid more than a third of MSRP for one given the frequent discounts. I personally have two that I bought at $19.99 each, and they've made for great bedside speakers and alarm clocks.


We're not sure exactly why Insignia chose to kill our poor comrades off. Just last month, the speakers were updated with an always-on temperature display and Continued Conversation, making them even more capable than before. Given the comments on that post, the speaker was clearly very popular and enjoyed by many, though we doubt Insignia/Best Buy was making much money on them at such low selling prices.

To celebrate the Insignia Voice speakers' life, comment below with the price you paid for yours. If you don't own one, a simple F to pay respects will suffice.

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