If you have a smart speaker and want to use it to control your home appliances, smart plugs are one of the most convenient options to do so. Thanks to their built-in WiFi radio, they connect directly to your home router, which allows you to operate the socket remotely and hence your electrical devices. They're also quite straightforward to set up, as they don't need additional hubs or bridges to get online. Unfortunately, good ones can be costly and drive buyers away, but thanks to this deal, you can get two compact TP-Link smart plugs for $23, representing a $12 rebate off their MSRP.

The plugs can be controlled with Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and the Kasa app. The latter also lets you set custom schedules to automatically turn your devices on and off while you're away. Lastly, their compact design means they won't block the second power outlet on the wall, so you can stack two smart plugs on top of each other or use the remaining socket for another appliance.

Unfortunately, these plugs can only handle loads up to 12A, which means you should only use them with light electrical devices like lamps or small fans. If you want to use them with bigger appliances such as portable heaters, there's a 15A version that costs $45, with no rebate on its price.

Kasa Smart
Kasa Smart
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