There are many problems with the Google Play Store, but two primary issues have become more apparent than ever over the past few months announcing breaking changes to popular apps with little-to-no warning, and not communicating with developers after their apps or accounts are disabled. Today, Google revealed a series of changes that will (hopefully) address both of those problems.

In a blog post on the Android Developers site, the company wrote, "as [Android] grows and evolves, each decision we make comes with trade-offs. [...] Users want more control and transparency over how their personal information is being used by applications, and expect Android, as the platform, to do more to provide that control and transparency. This responsibility to users is something we have always taken seriously, and that’s why we are taking a comprehensive look at how our platform and policies reflect that commitment."

Moving forward, Google says it will add more detail to emails for policy rejections, include appeal instructions in all enforcement emails, and expand the team of people responsible for looking at appeals. In addition, the company will provide more help for moving apps to newer APIs.

It's nice to see that Google is finally addressing complaints from developers, but only time will tell if the new policies end up making a difference.