Late last month, some mentions of the Nest Hub Max were spotted on the Google Store. We thought it was odd that Google would choose to brand it as a Nest product given that its current smart display is called the Home Hub, but there are now rumors that the Home Hub will be renamed as "Nest Hub."

According to 9to5Google's source, the Home Hub is going to be relaunched as the Nest Hub to better align with the 10-inch Nest Hub Max. We're guessing that Google wanted to better distinguish its Home smart speakers from its smart displays, as things could get a bit confusing for the average consumer. It doesn't appear that the Home Hub will change in any way aside from name.

It's very possible that both Nest Hub products will be unveiled on May 7th alongside the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, though we're not sure at this point. May 7th isn't too far off, so we'll know soon enough.