Back in November last year, Google announced a range of new features for the Assistant on Home devices and phones that included routine integration for the Android clock app among other additions. A new command that would allow you to enable Do Not Disturb on your phone via a Google Home speaker was said to be "coming soon" — now it's here.

We're not sure quite when it went live but we've seen people complaining that it wasn't available for use as recently as February, so it must be pretty new. According to this Google Assistant Help page, asking a Google Home device to "silence my phone" will enable Do Not Disturb mode for any phone on your account (several phones at once, in my case, rather annoyingly). You can also be more specific by asking it to "Set my Pixel 3XL to silent."

I tested out a few commands, and any variations of the following seem to work fine:

  • "Silence/un-silence my phone/[exact phone name]"
  • "Set my phone/[exact phone name] to silent"
  • "Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb/DND on my phone/[exact phone name]"
  • "Turn on/off Do Not Disturb/DND on my phone/[exact phone name]"

Also useful is the "Silence all of my devices" command which now incorporates your phone as well as all of the Google Assistant speakers in your house. This is perfect for those moments when you want to completely switch off from the world, maybe meditate a little, or just scream into your pillow without fear of being interrupted.