For many features, international rollout has to take a second place to North American availability. But that wasn't the case with RCS messaging in general, and specifically with its support on dual-SIM devices. More than a year ago, we reported that the feature was starting to properly work on devices in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. You'll notice North America was missing, and it took fourteen months for it to land there.

XDA Developers is reporting that RCS support in the Messages app for dual-SIM phones is rolling out on some North American carriers. The example given is Freedom, the Canadian operator, with both a dual-SIM Xperia XZ1 and Nokia 6 finally getting RCS in Messages. The carrier implemented RCS in November, but it only worked on single-SIM devices and wasn't supported on dual-SIM phones even if one card was inserted.

That's only one operator, so it hardly means a larger expansion, but for once, support is showing up outside the four continents that were part of the rollout last year. Perhaps it's a sign that things are about to get better south of the Canadian border too.

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