If you've got a young kid who's into music, you might want to give them something nice to listen on. Good Bluetooth headphones can get pricey, though — and loud, which can be particularly harmful for young ears. Enter these Puro Sound Labs headphones. Their volume is limited to safe levels, and right now, they're half off at 50 bucks.

Wirecutter picked the BT2200 as its best kids headphones, noting that it's one of only a handful of models that actually restrict volume to a safe 85 decibels. Customers are generally satisfied, too — the headphones currently hold a four-star rating on Amazon.

You can grab either pink or purple from Amazon for $50. (The headphones generally go for about $100 there, so despite what the listing says, they're closer to $50 off than $60 off.) If you're looking for a different color, blue and dark gray variants are available, too, although they're each $10 more expensive. Pricing is the same direct from Puro Sound Labs. Hit the links below to pick up a pair.