Android Q Beta 2 brought with it a lot of new features, though it's not surprising that some stuff is being broken given that it is a beta. Google today announced a patch for Q Beta 2, and factory and OTA images are available for installation right now. OTAs will roll out within the next 24 hours.

Google's official beta program reddit account, /u/androidbetaprogram, announced this news on the r/android_beta subreddit. The patch carries build number QPP2.190228.023. Unfortunately, there's no real changelog mentioned, with the only specifics given being "bug fixes and improvements in performance and stability especially around apps and permissions." We're hoping that the patch also addresses broken things like the wonky recents menu and intermittent keyboard vibrations, though we're not sure of its contents just yet.

The patch is available for download right now in both factory and OTA image form for all three generations of Pixel, and Google states that OTAs will hit currently-enrolled beta devices within the next 24 hours. Everyone on the AP team with a Q Beta phone has checked for updates, though nothing is popping up yet. If you're impatient, you can hit the links below to download the images and flash/sideload them to your Pixel.

The OTAs are rolling out now, coming in at a mere 19MB.

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