In a recent beta update, WhatsApp has completely overhauled the audio attachment interface. As you can see in the screenshots above and below, the change is impressive. We're going from a Gingerbread-era screen to something that looks decent on a modern device.

Beside the updated design and the removal of the awful grey bottom bar, the interface is functionally better. Locally available audio files show up with both their duration and size, a thumbnail on the left, and a play button on the right. This lets you quickly preview the audio before sending it, so you don't share something unintentionally. You can tap and hold to select multiple audio files and send them in a batch. And finally, you can search for a file by name.

Left: Previous UI (vomit). Middle: New UI. Right: Multi-select and preview.

The updated design rolled out with WhatsApp beta v2.19.89, but it's also there in newer releases. You can grab the latest 2.19.99 from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

One more change related to attachments was pointed out to us by our tipster: On WhatsApp Web, the Media pane for each conversation shows thumbnails for some file types in the Docs tab — same as inside the conversation itself.

PDF thumbnail previews in WhatsApp Web

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