CEO Evan Spiegel has been promising a complete rebuild of the much-maligned Snapchat Android app for what seems like an eternity — or since 2017, to be precise. Back in February, he proclaimed that the new app would be released before the end of the year, eliciting feelings of pure euphoria indifference. Finally, the new dawn of Snapchat on Android is upon us.

On the heels of the raft of new features announced during the Snap Partner Summit 2019 the other day, Snapchat has announced on Twitter that the "new, faster" app is ready to go, complete with an adorable little GIF.

After signing into the app for the first time in a long while, it doesn't appear as though much has changed visually, but maybe it did feel a little snappier than it used to. Android Authority interviewed some senior Snapchat officials who said that it's "an entire rewrite from the ground up" that is tested on a more varied selection of Android devices than before. The end result should be a lighter, faster app that doesn't suffer from the performance issues of its predecessor.

We'll let you be the judge, though — let us know what you make of the update (that should have arrived yesterday) if any of you are Snapchatters. If it's not reached you yet, you can grab it from APK Mirror.

Snapchat has just posted a short blog entry formally welcoming the arrival of the app's new Android edition. Get it while it's hot!

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free+