It's rare that we come across a phone we suggest you 100% do not buy under any circumstances, but the titanium Red Hydrogen One earns that distinction. Red delayed the launch of the titanium phone last year, but now you can buy it for $1,600. You shouldn't, though.

Red started taking pre-orders for the titanium Hydrogen One at the same time as the aluminum phone. When it couldn't get the phone ready in time, the company sent free aluminum devices to buyers. Now, they're getting the promised titanium upgrade. It's also on sale in the official store for new customers.

The titanium phone has all the same features and specs as the aluminum model, but it costs $1,595 instead of $1,295. As you may have gathered from our review, we don't recommend buying the cheaper phone. You can be certain there's even less reason to spend another $300 on the titanium version. Still, someone probably will.