Following 23 years of developing its own browser engine, Microsoft announced late last year that the company's Edge browser would use Google Chrome (or more specifically, Chromium) as a base. Early builds leaked online in March, and now the first official packages are available.

Microsoft is following roughly the same development cycle established by Chrome and Firefox daily untested builds on the Canary Channel, weekly tested builds in the Dev Channel, and Beta/Stable Channels updated every six weeks. The browser is only available for Windows 10 at the moment, but support for other platforms (including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and macOS) will come later.

In the blog post, Microsoft also mentioned some of the improvements it has already made to the Chromium project. For example, the company has been working with Google engineers to get the browser working on Qualcomm-based Windows laptops. Some of the other improvements include better compatibility with the Windows touch keyboard, Windows Hello support in the Web Authentication API, and better high contrast support.

Microsoft Edge for Android will be mostly unaffected by these changes, since that version already uses a Chromium base. You can download the preview builds from the source link below.

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