Ecobee already competes directly with Nest in the smart thermostat game, and according to smart home blog Zatz Not Funny, it looks like it's about to do the same with smart cameras. Two photos of the camera were leaked, though details are otherwise sparse thus far.

In fact, aside from the photos, we really don't know anything about the camera. However, Zatz does offer some educated guesses as to what the camera could have on board. Looking at Amazon's investment in Ecobee and existing Ecobee products' Alexa integration, it's a fair bet that this new camera will also have Alexa. This is backed up by the blue lights in the photo above, which would indicate that Alexa is listening.

Zatz also speculates that the camera could act as a presence sensor for Ecobee thermostats, perhaps even including room temperature and humidity capabilities. He also suggests that the Ecobee app could be getting some significant tweaks to handle the camera. We'll be sure to share more when we get more concrete information on the camera.