Assistant-enabled smart displays came out about a year ago, but they could exclusively speak English until they learned Canadian French recently. Because of this dialect limitation, the devices have only been available for sale in the US, UK, and Australia. However, newly added support for French and German means they are coming to Europe as well.

Google Assistant's support pages were updated to indicate smart speakers now support the two languages. This means current owners can interact with their devices in these new languages, in addition to talking to them in English. Most importantly, support for new languages often means extending to new markets. As such, Lenovo's smart display will launch in France and Germany on April 15.

Both the 8" and 10" versions will be available, selling for EUR 179 and EUR 239, respectively. Pre-orders have already gone up in France, but it's still unclear whether their eastern neighbors will be able to do so before the release date.

The two Lenovo devices can also be pre-ordered in Germany, although the retailer indicates they'll ship in three weeks