Most of us probably have money on the mind, given tax day is just around the corner. As we're all going through records and transaction lists for the last year, I'm curious about how you choose to make payments. NFC's effectively universal availability gives people in 27 countries access to Google Pay, and Samsung phones have that sweet MST — just two names among a longer list of options. So, how often do you use contactless payments?

In a recent discussion about contactless payments for wearables, I revealed a great shame to my coworkers here at Android Police: Excluding a single test back in 2015 shortly after Android Pay's launch, I have never used contactless payments. I found it a lot more tedious to use than the simplicity of a card. Of course, not many payment terminals supported it at the time, and this was before Samsung's backward-compatible MST system hit its phones.

I'm assuredly in the minority as a contactless payment Luddite, but how much of a convenience has it become for those of you that use it? With so many of us are sitting down and going through lists of purchases and bank statements from 2018, at least the information should be fresh in your mind. How often do you use contactless payments?

For the purposes of this poll, let's stick to contactless payments performed from a phone, wearable, or other "smart" device — no RFID card tapping, please. And, of course, the frequency we all have to buy stuff in person is going to vary, which can make absolute numbers difficult to compare, so let's think in relative terms.

How often do you use contactless payments?

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