At the first Snap Partner Summit (yep, that's a thing), the company has unveiled a raft of new things, including 10 new Snapchat Originals shows (also a thing, apparently). Snapchat is getting into the gaming arena with 6 in-app games, and new Snap Kit partnerships with brands like Netflix and Tinder have also been announced.

Ever wanted to turn well-known landmarks into silly characters that vomit rainbows from their mouths? Well, you're in luck as a new feature called Landmarkers (see below) seems to do exactly that.

Other new AR Lens functions allow you to scan animals and people and all sorts of other things so you can add cool/hilarious/adorable filters on top of them. Check out the video below to see more of that type of thing.

Gaming is super popular isn't it, so naturally, Snapchat needs games. To that end, Snap Games has been introduced with no less than 6 titles made in conjunction with partners like Zynga and ZeptoLab. Bitmoji Party is a series of "whacky" mini-games, Tiny Royale sounds like a healthier burger option but is actually a battle royale shooter-type game, and Snake Squad is some sort of multiplayer snake game, presumably. C.A.T.S Drift Race is a racing game in which you can drift, Zombie Rescue Squad is also pretty self-explanatory, and Alphabear Hustle is a village-building word game.

If you've made it this far, you probably want to know about the fresh Snap Originals Programming on the horizon. The 10 new shows are "personal, intimate, and made for the way you use your phone today." Perfect for those who think all video should be vertical. They include docuseries, teen dramas, and comedies — take a look at the full details below:

  • In Two Sides from New Form, a young couple navigates a breakup — told from both characters’ points of view at the same time.
  • Can’t Talk Now from New Form is a teen soap that takes place inside the phones of a few high school freshman BFFs.
  • In Sneakerheads from Indigo, we’ll follow the misadventures of three college freshmen as they navigate the crazy, shady, and mercurial world of Los Angeles sneaker culture.
  • In Commanders from Dakota Pictures, two high school outcasts discover a retro computer with a mysterious code that can alter real life.
  • Denton's Death Date from Insurrection Media centers on Denton Little: a high school junior whose death date is only a week away.
  • While Black from Indigo is a docuseries that explores racially charged social issues through disarmingly candid conversations led by author, filmmaker, recording artist, and educator MK Asante.
  • BuzzFeed’s upcoming daily afternoon show will bring viewers the latest celebrity, entertainment, and sheer OMG moments blowing up the internet.
  • In Dead of Night from Bazelevs, a teenage girl must escape a quarantined city full of zombies armed with only her phone.
  • Compton Dreams from October Films is a docuseries following the highs and lows of three up-and-coming artists from Compton.
  • In Stranded with Sam and Colby from Bunim/Murray, two paranormal investigators go off the grid into a cursed Pennsylvania town.

Other news to come out of Snap Partner Summit 2019 includes new Snap Kit capabilities. App Stores allow for integration with third-party partners like Tinder and Houseparty, while Bitmoji Kit lets you bring your avatar into the Fitbit (there's even a Bitmoji Clock Face) and Venmo apps. Creative Kit will enable the use of custom stickers from brands like Netflix and VSCO.