TV prices have been steadily dropping in the past few years. A major reason for this is the emergence of web content, which doesn't require a TV to watch, though the Toshiba Fire TVs we're featuring here can handle all of your favorite streaming services. The 49" 1080p model is currently just $199.99 ($130 off), with other sizes being discounted as well.

These smart LED Toshibas are technically "Fire TV Editions," which is Amazon's term for smart TVs with Fire TV functionality built-in. That means that it can handle streaming of Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, and more, though it can obviously still act as a regular TV. If you watch a lot of content at home on your computer screen, it might be worth dropping a couple hundred on a bigger screen.

Amazon is offering discounts on quite a few models. To us, the most appealing deal was the 49" 1080p model for $199.99, though the 50" 4K HDR version for $279.99 might be even better if you want to step the resolution up. Hit the link below to check out Amazon's full selection.