You're watching a YouTube video and you wish you could speed up or slow down playback a little. You tap the settings icon, go to speed controls, and find only eight settings. Only. How dare they? What if 1.5x is still slow but the new 1.75x is too fast? YouTube is testing a way to let you pick any speed you want, in 0.05x increments. Sorry, 1.59x and 1.61x lovers, you'll have to settle on 1.6x for now.

On YouTube web, in the Speed menu of any currently-playing video, there's a new Custom option (below) that triggers the slider shown above. You can manually move it between 0.25x and 2x. Still no 3x or 4x speeds though, fr tos o yo ho lk tr vdo fat-forwd o a pot wr notg s ndstabl.

Some of us on Android Police don't have the custom slider, others have it on one account but not the other, so the option seems to be part of a server-side test.