The eensy-weensy, absurdly minuscule, preposterously tiny Verizon-exclusive Palm Phone didn't make for a good purchase decision at all as a "companion to the phone you actually like using," at least in our critical judgment — especially at a price of $350. Today at least one of our issues with the Palm is finally being addressed, as Verizon makes the phone available as a standalone handset.

Previously, the Palm was positioned as an accessory to be used alongside your primary device, and would share its phone number. Now Verizon is letting users purchase the Palm as an independent handset with its own line of service.

Whether you buy it as a companion device or in its new standalone form, the Palm Phone is available through the end of April for $200 on a 2-year contract or spread over 24 monthly payments — or $350 straight-up.

Those who already own a companion Palm can trade in their device and get a standalone Palm for an additional $200 off, effectively making the transition free. Why Verizon can't just reconfigure existing Palms to operate independently, we can't say.

Customers can also get Palm Phone accessories at half-off until April 18.

While cute, it's not an ideal phone for frequent use — the 3.3-inch display cramps up fingers easily, the cameras are not great, and the tiny battery pretty much requires the user to tow a power bank wherever they go. But if you're really into this idea of "digital minimalism" and checking your phone sparingly, you might consider this worth a shot.