With the first beta of Android Q, one change left some of us really annoyed: unlike Pie and previous versions of Android, you couldn't dismiss notifications by swiping them either way. Instead, swiping right would dismiss whereas swiping left would show snooze and block controls. A mention in the issue tracker gave us hope that the direction would be customizable in future versions, and that has indeed happened in Q beta 2.

Head over to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications> Advanced > Swipe actions and you'll be able to pick which direction gets rid of the notification and which one shows the controls. You can only choose one, so pick wisely. I always swiped left to dismiss, and it took me a while to get used to the other direction in Q beta 1. But now that the option is available in beta 2, I'm back to the swipe left, but it's taking me some time to readjust again.

Left: Swipe left to dismiss, right for actions. Right: Swipe right to dismiss, left for actions. 

Still, this is a solution to a problem that shouldn't have existed. Swipe to dismiss should be available in both directions; it's the action most of us perform all the time. In Pie and below, the actions were accessible only if you wanted them, but not hard to get to. It was an elegant way and it made a lot of sense. Picking one direction is regressive, and I'm not the only one to think so.

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  • Allen,
  • Zachary Kew-Dennis