It's barely been a month since we heard about Mozilla's new experimental browser, Fenix. Built with the concept of browsing sessions, Fenix aims to bundle up tabs and save them for later, then let you reload them whenever you need them. Now, the browser has added a dark theme and it looks nice, even if a little purplish.

The Fenix team has chosen a dark aubergine hue (#1c1b21) for its dark mode, with a lighter version in some menus. Most of the browser's screens have been redesigned for the new look — the home screen, bottom URL bar when browsing, settings, search, and so on. Webpages keep their theme though, so if a site is predominantly white, it will stay so.

To test it out for yourself, you can download the latest Fenix apk here (pick the version that fits your device), then go to Settings > Theme and choose whether you want it to be light, dark, follow your device's theme, or change automatically with Battery Saver.

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  • Siebren Sportel