We were a bit perplexed earlier in the year when we saw that Walmart had mysteriously disappeared from Google Express, but it seems the two companies are still collaborating on other ventures. Online grocery shopping with pickup or delivery is a popular service from Walmart, and it's now getting even easier with a new Google Assistant voice ordering capabilities.

You'll soon be able to say "Hey Google, talk to Walmart" to any Assistant device and it will start a grocery order for you. You can then use generic terms like "milk" when asking for items to be added to your cart and your shopping history will be used to determine which type and size of milk you usually get.

Rather than adding items to another list with Google Assistant and then having to translate that into a Walmart grocery shop at a later date, you can now cut out the middle man. The service will start rolling out to customers later this month and as it learns your shopping habits over time, it'll get better the more you use it.