The quick and anonymous nature of the internet makes it easy to lob threats at one another. It almost goes without saying you shouldn't do that, but what if Twitter thinks you did anyway? You appeal, and now it's easier to do that from the app.

Twitter has various rules about content that can get your account flagged, including but not limited to threats, glorifying violent crime, and targeted harassment of groups or individuals. A lot of that is pretty black and white, but there are instances where a tweet might be identified as a rule violation when there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. Before, you had to go to the Twitter website to deal with that, but now it's in the official app.

According to Twitter, adding this feature to that app helps people unlock their accounts 60% faster. There are no relevant settings to check out in the app—you won't see anything related to the appeal process unless your account gets locked. Hopefully, that doesn't happen.