Together with the Android Q Beta 2 release today, Google is pushing out a bleeding-edge preview of Android Studio Canary. The emulator included in version 3.5 includes support for foldable devices, allowing developers to get started porting apps to the form factor now.

Android Q got started with foldable support earlier with Beta 1, delivering enhancements to how activities and resizing work that better serve the form factor and multi-window multitasking. Google reiterated those changes again today in the Q Beta 2 announcement as if they were new.

In Android Studio 3.5, you can now select and configure a foldable as a virtual device (AVD). This emulated foldable currently runs Android Q Beta 2 and meets CTS/GTS requirements, so developers can be confident in the environment it provides as they add support for the changes to their applications.

Two configurations are available to developers: a 7.3" (4.6" folded) and 8" (6.6" folded) pair. Buttons to the side of the device's emulated display give you the option to fold/unfold.

You can download Android Studio 3.5 Canary 9 from the preview release downloads now, and more information for developers about the updated emulator's features are available in today's Android Q Beta 2 announcement post.