While Ambient Display and other features have diminished the need for a notification LED on phones, some people are very upset about the S10's removal of the notification light. If you're one of those people, a new app called 'Holey Light' might be a solution.

Chainfire, a well-known Android developer, released the app yesterday on the Google Play Store. Much like how 'Energy Ring' wraps a battery indicator around the S10's hole-punch camera, Holey Light animates the edges of the S10's camera when a notification arrives. Chainfire says it should work on all S10 devices, including the S10e.

The app is limited in functionality, partially because of the limits Android imposes. The light won't appear on the lock screen, since apps are blocked from drawing on top of the lock screen. It also won't appear while the screen is off, outside of when the phone is charging.

Holey Light is free on the Play Store, and the source code is available on GitHub under the GPLv3 license.