Of the companies with skin in the smart lighting game, Philips' Hue brand is perhaps the most well-known and reputable. Best Buy is currently offering a Hue starter kit with four multicolor LED bulbs, with two Google Home Minis thrown in, for just $169.99 — an impressive $128 less than the regular price.

The Hue starter kit comes with four multicolor A19 LED bulbs and a Hue Bridge hub. It currently costs $199.99 alone — more than this bundle's current discounted price — though we've seen it as low as $149.99 before. However, we can't forget about the two Google Home Minis, currently $39 each from Best Buy, that are also included in this bundle.

$169.99 is a pretty amazing price for all this, and it's a great start to outfitting your house with smart gadgets. The bundle is available in stores or with free shipping. Hit the link below to pick one up.