Using beta software is more often than not a gamble. It's nice to be able to check out all the new features, but some things may be terribly broken. That's the case with Android Q's universal dark mode implementation. As early adopters noticed, there's no toggle to easily enable or disable it, meaning users were stuck with whatever they had chosen on Pie before updating (unless they used adb to change it). Google Photos was one of the most obvious victims of Q's dark mode. The app looked like a chimera of light and dark, but the latest update has now fixed most of it.

If you had dark mode enabled on Q, you may have noticed Photos looked broken. White text on white menus, dark text on dark background, white status and navigation bars with dark app, etc... It was not pretty.

Left: Previous. Right: Now.

Most of it is better now. The status, bottom, and navigation bar follow the app's dark theme. Many menus have been fixed with white text on dark background, making it legible again.


Left: Previous. Right: Now.

However, a few aspects are still broken. Text in the hamburger menu still shows up as dark on dark, and most text in the Assistant tab too, making it hard to read.

Hamburger menu is still broken.

Our tipsters tell us the fixes have showed up in version of Photos, which should be available on the Play Store. We don't have that particular version on APK Mirror yet, but we'll update this post with the link once we do.

The file is now available on APK Mirror, though as many readers have pointed out, it may not force the fixes on your device, even after clearing cache and restarting the app. Your mileage may vary.

Photos 4.13

Google Photos v4.13 began rolling out yesterday and should fix the dark mode implementation for everyone and in almost all of the app's nooks and crannies. The side menu has white text now, so does the Assistant tab. You can grab this version from APK Mirror.

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