Did you know 30% of people have never backed up their phones? If you lost your phone right now, would you be able to get all your pictures, videos, and music back? Data loss doesn’t just happen to big companies. It only takes one mistake or unforeseen problem for your virtual life to be erased. That’s why our friends at Synology are giving away a DS418j NAS along with 4x2TB Seagate IronWolf drives to one lucky winner in celebration of World Backup Day on March 31st.

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Our winner is...Skye Jenkins!

Prize received!

Synology is an international company dedicated to the proper storage of data. By building powerful backup software into their NAS devices, Synology makes backing up data from your phone, computer, or tablet easy. If you’re unfamiliar with NAS — which stands for network attached storage — devices, they’re like your own personal cloud, but instead of transferring your data over the internet, it remains secure inside your own home network. Backing up your Android device is as simple as downloading The DS Cloud app, and pressing a few buttons to back up to your NAS anytime.

Your phone may contain most of your digital life, but what about the important data you have stored on your PC or Mac? Using Synology’s Cloud Station Backup you can create a backup copy of your important information in real time. With its incremental backup feature, you can even backup your NAS onto an external storage device or to your preferred cloud storage service so that no matter what happens, your digital life will be safe and secure.

To learn more about the Synology DS418j, click here. For more about World Backup Day, check this out.

To enter for your chance to win a DS418j, use the widget below. The winner will need a US or Canadian shipping address to claim the prize. The giveaway ends on World Backup Day, March 31st, at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Make sure to stop by each day for your free daily bonus entry!

Synology NAS giveaway