No one wants wires on their Bluetooth earbuds anymore, but that adds substantially to the cost. Don't fret, though. The Jaybird Run earbuds are on sale today, and they offer some great features for just $119.99.

The Run came out in 2017, but they're still the flagship true wireless product from Jaybird. The recently released Run XT are almost identical and not worth the added cost. These are sport-oriented earbuds, so they come with multiple fins and tip combos to ensure they stay put in your ear.

The Run earbuds get four hours of battery life, plus the charging case adds two more full cycles. Keep in mind, the Jaybird Run don't support a low-latency codec like AptX, so the audio lag is too severe to watch video. The audio performance is very respectable, though. The Jaybird app has a full custom EQ and the ability to save presets to the earbuds. The $119.99 sale price feels like the right amount to pay for these earbuds.