Samsung's first foldable phone, the aptly-named Galaxy Fold, is scheduled to be officially released later this month. As is usually the case with new high-profile phones, someone got their hands on one a little early, and they have graced us with all the included wallpapers.

There are seven pairs of images, with the lock screen version being a leaf, and the home screen version being a butterfly with the same color as the lock screen leaf. It's a novel concept, but I do wish the company threw in some non-butterfly images as well. If you have a Samsung phone running Android 8.0 or newer, you can also install the four lock screen video wallpapers, which have flapping butterfly wings.

The folded (top) and unfolded (bottom) versions of three wallpapers

You can download the wallpapers from XDA Developers at the source link below, though they might look strange on non-square screens.