April Fools' pranks started a few days early this time, and as with every year, they're becoming more annoying than fun. But Google still makes the best of 'em, especially when the prank is less words-on-a-page and more cool hidden game. We've already spent a few hours uhm... minutes playing Snake in Maps, and now we can waste the rest of the day escaping our responsibilities the right way: by blasting them in pieces.

A new Space Invaders game is hiding in Google Calendar on the web, under the settings menu. Launch it and watch as your appointments transform into descending tiles and a black overlay menu serves as your laser cannon. You move it with the arrow keys and blast with the space bar.

With pew-pew sounds, killed meetings dropping left and right, and your score updating in the Calendar icon on the top left, it's all ridiculously awesome.

Level after level, the schedule becomes more and more crowded — all the more reasons for you to destroy those pesky engagements! — until your poor arrow keys can't handle the stress and one appointment escapes down the screen unscathed. Now you have to actually attend that one... or, you know, you can still play another round.

Just head over to calendar.google.com to kill all your commitments and all your productivity in one swift blast — or many.

Alternate NSFW title: Google Calendar meets Space Invaders: Shoot the shit out of your fucking schedule

Alternate clickbait title: Google Calendar on the web updated with new laser cannon feature

Alternate mysterious title : Manage your calendar responsibly with lazers

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  • John Glover