It's hard to believe that Gmail is fifteen years old today. In human years, that would equate to lots of sneaking around, unapproved driving, under-age drinking, and daily existential crisis about everything — i.e. normal teenage drama. But in Gmail years, this means we're getting some demure features. Namely, the email service finally lets us schedule emails.

I'm sure we've all wanted to send an email at one point but decided not to because the timing was inappropriate, leading us to forget sending that message or get to it a few days later than intended. As shown in the GIF above, Gmail will soon get a new "Schedule email" option. You'll be able to pick between a few presets (tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, or Monday morning) as well as choose the exact date and time you'd prefer. The team doesn't say when the option will go live or if it'll come to Android as well, but we're hoping the answers to those uncertainties are today and yes, today. Please? Update: Scheduled emails are coming today and will work on both mobile and desktop. We'll let you know if the former requires a new APK.

Left: Email scheduling on Android. Right: Smart Compose improvements.

In addition to scheduled emails, Smart Compose is getting some improvements. It's now available on all Android devices (which we already knew) and in four more languages beside English: French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Plus, it will begin suggesting subject lines based on the email's content, and can adapt to the way we write instead of offering blanket suggestions.

Smart Compose supports Spanish now (and three other new languages).

With Inbox's death scheduled for tomorrow, these improvements are definitely welcome, but they're still a far cry from what users wanted to make the transition easier: bundles.

Schedule Send is live in Gmail on both Android and web. It's likely the feature has rolled out a while ago, but we didn't notice it immediately.

Left: Schedule send in Gmail's Android app. Right: And on the web.