It's the first Monday of the month, and Google's monthly security patches are rolling out, as expected. Downloads for all Pixel phones are up now. Functional patches this month include a fix for the Pixel 3 screen flashing on wake (finally), Bluetooth improvements for the OG, and improved "voice-unlocking performance for Google Assistant."

Downloads for both full factory images and OTAs are live at the time of writing, though the OTA doesn't appear to have started rolling out in the more traditional sense just yet. Build numbers for all devices are identical again: PQ2A.190405.003.

The Pixel Update Bulletin's functional patches changelog has four additions this time around:

  • Improves Voice-Unlocking performance for Google Assistant
  • Adjust Wi-Fi connectivity during eSIM activation on certain carriers
  • Improves Bluetooth connectivity on Pixel devices
  • Removes screen flash when ambient display wakes for some Pixel 3 devices

That last change should be much appreciated if you're a Pixel 3 owner. Much like last year's Pixel 2 XL flash, at least some Pixel 3 devices are suffering a similar issue when unlocking the phone, resulting in a blinding flash when you try to use it, even at night. (LG displays for the win, again.) The expected monthly security fixes are also included.

I should note, the Pixel C is missing an update this month. Since it's technically beyond its originally projected support window, it's possible the Pixel C may have received its last security patch.

The check for update button has been working pretty well these last few months, so we assume the update isn't yet rolling out via the typical means. In the meantime, intrepid Pixel users can sideload this latest set of monthly updates via the links below.

As was expected, the OTA began rolling out within hours of the images themselves, and should be available for your installation pleasure.