Huawei's cameras have become exceptional over the past few years, and earlier this month, the company unveiled more phones with excellent camera performance. While the P30 and P30 Pro have already turned heads with its 5x optical zoom, its low-light performance appears to beat the Pixel's Night Sight in certain cases.

Both phones were only announced a few days ago, so in-depth reviews aren't available yet. However, sample shots have been making their way to social media and YouTube, and some are seriously impressive.

The above tweet from Vlad Savov, a senior editor at The Verge, shows that the P30 Pro is able to pull far more detail from total darkness than the Pixel 3. While the Pixel's photo is still impressive given the complete darkness, the P30 Pro's picture is far more sharp. Vlad shared another sample collection, which is also very impressive:

Ironically, the P30 Pro seems to take worse low-light pictures in its night mode than its regular mode, at least when it comes to white balance. In the below images from Basil Kronfli (from the YouTube channel Let's talk about tech), the P30 Pro's night mode photo is far more saturated than the same photo taken in regular mode.

Another impressive example comes from Ben Sin, where the P30 Pro easily beats the iPhone XS and Galaxy S10+ in low-light mode. All the photos were taken in the P30's regular camera mode.

Here are some more samples:

It's great to see smartphone cameras become more and more impressive. Perhaps phones like the P30 Pro will finally push Google to include another camera (or two, or three) on the Pixel 4.