Today is apparently World Backup Day, which means there are sales on hard drives, NAS units, microSD cards, and other mediums of storage — sadly, I haven't seen any discounts on Zip Disks. If you happen to have a phone with a microSD card slot, today is a good opportunity to get extra storage.

For smartphones and tablets, SanDisk's 256GB U3 A2 microSD card is just $52.99 for today, a $16 drop from the usual price. The 'A2' label means it will work with Android's adoptable storage feature, though it won't match the speeds of your phone's internal storage.

If you're not planning on installing applications or games to a microSD card, and you just need more room for photos or videos, SanDisk's slower 256GB A1 microSD is $38 right now. It normally goes for around $45. Samsung also has a 128GB U1 card for $30, and if speeds aren't a concern at all, Kingston's Class 10 128GB card is just $16.

Beyond microSD cards, Amazon has various SSDs, hard drives, NAS stations, and flash drives on sale. You can see all the discounted items at the link below, and speaking of storage, today is the last day to enter our Synology giveaway.