Usually, Google bundles up new features in big app updates that you can sideload, but it's increasingly common for new features to just show up after a server-side switch gets flipped. That's the case today with Duo. The way you select contacts is different, and you can do different things with them.

Previously, Duo's contact picker had separate tabs for video and audio. Now, there's just one tab, and you pick audio or video after selecting a contact. If you choose the message option, you've now got the option of sending an audio-only message. Before, it was just video. In video messages, you have new doodling tools, which we spotted in a recent teardown.

Lastly, there's a new way to pick your "fav" contacts. Those are the ones that appear at the top of the contact list. In the old version, you could add favs by long-pressing. Now, there's an option in the overflow menu that pulls up a multi-select screen where you can pick multiple favs at once. Again, this is all server-side, but it appears to be rolling out pretty widely.

Google Duo
Google Duo
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