Those of you who usually swipe your notifications away to the right (like me) may have taken some time to notice that expelling them to the left is no longer an option in Android Q. As is this case on some Chinese phones, swiping left gives you only snooze and alert settings. Thankfully, it looks like this is going to be customizable by the time the final Q release comes around.

On an entry in the Android Q issue tracker, spotted by XDA Developers, a Googler has commented to say there "will be a setting for notification swipe direction in [a] future Android release." So it sounds like you'll be able to decide which direction triggers a dismissal versus the snooze/alert settings, which will make users like Rita happy — she gets rid of her notifications exclusively to the left.

The issue has 273 stars at the time or writing and if you add yourself to the list it might push it up the priority list. Unfortunately, Google seems intent on one direction dismissing and the other bringing up options, so don't expect the bidirectional functionality from previous Android versions to return. It's also not clear whether a customizable setting will appear in an upcoming Q Beta, the final version, or a release even further into the future. We'll just have to cross our fingers that it's sooner rather than later.