As you may have noticed, Android Police and a lot of other sites around the internet use Disqus as a comment platform. It's easier for everyone to have a system that works across sites, but we're also at the mercy of Disqus. You're about to notice a change in the comments, and we don't like it any more than you do.

Disqus says it's rolling out collapsed replies across all sites starting today. It's already live on many sites, and it might be on AP by the time you read this. Under the new system, comment threads are automatically collapsed if they have more than six total replies or four sub-threads. To see all replies, you have to click "Show more replies." Previously, that link wouldn't show up until much deeper in threads.

Disqus says its intention was to get more people to comment, and the collapsed experience does that by making it easier to skim top-level comments. Whether or not that's true, the change has usability impacts that many users (and the AP staff) don't like. For example, the collapsed threads make it difficult to search for comments you may have seen before. Clicking all those links is more work than just scrolling a little farther.

Rest assured, we feel your pain. However, there's nothing we can do about it right now. Hopefully, Disqus adds a site or user-level option to turn this on or off.